cuenta con la guía de tours de canopy más completa que Costa Rica pueda ofrecer; aquí te enterarás de las diferentes ubicaciones de las áreas de canopy, así como las distancias entre distintos puntos y la altura, entre otros aspectos. Con esta información, puedes escoger la opción más cercana al lugar donde te encuentres.


Sky Trek:

Located: near to Arenal National Park, in Alajuela

Duration: 1 ½ hours.

Description: Sky Trek is an adventure tour of full adrenalin over the top of the wonderful trees. It consists in a zip line system that shows you the Arenal rain forest and its landscape.

The tour includes 8 cross-sectional cables that together have a total length of 2.8 Km. with a distance from 30 to 760 meters, and from 20 to 200 meters of height. 

Tel: (506) 2645-6003

Arenal Mundo Aventura:

Located: We are located 2 km. south from the Catholic Church in La Fortuna, crossing the Fortuna river bridge. Alajuela.

Description: The cables, 10 in total, span lengths of 200 meters up to the longest of 800 meters; each cable offers a different sensation and experience crossing canyons, observing waterfalls, over the tops of trees or leaving from a spectacular OBSERVATION TOWER 18 meters high.

Tel: (506) 2479-9762

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Canopy la Linda:

Located: Chilamate village Sarapiqui. Heredia.

Description: esta maravillosa experiencia consiste en recorrer 12 cables localizados en Hacienda la Linda. Desde los cuales se podrá disfrutar de increíbles paisajes del cultivo de plantas ornamentales, el excitante bosque tropical húmedo de 114 hectáreas, además del magnífico río Sarapiqui, el cual cruzaremos dos veces durante todo el recorrido. Durante esta experiencia lo acompañarán experimentados guías y podrá disfrutar de esta aventura utilizando equipo especializado de primera calidad, que solamente encontrará en Aventuras del Sarapiqui.

Tel: (506) 2766-5101

Pozo Azul

Located: 70 Km. north from San José, in Sarapiqui valley, Heredia.

Description: 70 % of all life in the tropical forest takes place at the tree canopy level. And observing it along with the exuberance of the vegetation as you are sensing the thrill zipping though the highs is definitely an extraordinary experience, and you would like to do many times.

What Hacienda Pozo Azul offers you differently is a combination of first class equipment, trained guides, stringent safety procedures, and extraordinary location to assure an unforgettable pleasant experience, and extremely safe one.

Tel: (506) 2761-1360


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Pacifico Norte

Centro de aventura Canopy tour:

Located: 7km. North from Guayabo, Bagaces, Guanacaste.

Duration: 2 ½ hours.

Description: Maximum adventure! You will enjoy the beauty of the forests from the tops of the trees. Feel the adrenaline as you zip on cables through the tree tops. The platforms give you a unique view point to observe the trees, plants and animals. The Canopy has fourteen platforms, twelve cables and a hanging bridge. You will travel 1148m in total. Our first concern is your safety; at no point will you be in any danger. Our experienced guides ensure you are always connected to a safety point. It is open to all ages including children.

Tel: (506) 2673 0697

Adventure Tours (Hacienda Guachipelín):

Located: Rincón de la Vieja National Park, Pailas sector, north Guanacaste.

Description: We say this is the best canopy tour in Costa Rica, because we pack together in it, many more things than just the zip lines. Imagine yourself doing Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Canopy, Tarzan Swings, Via Ferrata, Hanging Bridges, all set in the majestic canyon made by the erosion of the Blanco River during millions of years.


Tel: (506) 2442-2818

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Pacifico Central

Sky Mountain:

Located: La Chirraca of Parrita, Puntarenas.

Description: Our canopy tour is certainly the best way to admire nature and enjoy the adrenaline rush of gliding between platforms over tree tops. At Sky Mountain Canopy every departure is done from specially build metal platform that guarantees your safety. The tour includes 7,200 feet of trails, 8 platforms and 4 towers. Adventure welcomes, to enjoy the amazing ocean and mountain views, taking a refreshing swim at our waterfalls with a panoramic 360 degrees view of the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Tel: (506) 2770-8325

Hacienda Baru:

Located: Dominical, Quepos, Puntarenas.

Duration: 2-3 horas.

Description: Our Rainforest Zip line Tour, imitates the flight of the chestnut-mandible toucan, as it leaps off a branch, swoops down through the forest and then up in to another tree. On this tour, 8 separate cable rides take you from one ridge top to another, across valleys and streams. There are 14 land based platforms and 1 tree platform with a view of the coast. You will have 2 guides on this tour one of whom speaks fluent English. This is a great way to see and learn about the forest and have lots of fun at the same time.

Tel: (506) 2787-0003

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Pacifico Sur

Aventuras Bosque Mar:

Aventuras Bosque Mar

Located: Puerto Jiménez, Osa Peninsula, south Pacific, Puntarenas.

Description: Aventuras Bosque has a canopy operation located about ten minutes drive from Puerto Jimenez on the Miramar Road.  Five platforms and five zip lines with a total of 500 meters of cable wind through primary tropical rain forest at a height of 60 feet above the forest floor.  The Aventuras Bosque Mar canopy operation is the only canopy tour in the entire region and offers great low-impact fun a short drive from town. 

Tel: (506) 2735-5102

Jinetes de Osa:

Located: Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, south pacific, Puntarenas.

Duration: 2-3 hours.

Description: Come take an exciting look at the Costa Rican rainforest from a different perspective. A Canopy Tour allows family members of all ages to safely pass from tree to tree, via rope and cable, high above the forest floor.

Now, you may view nature from the highest level of the rain forest and discover its rich diversity of wildlife. Our canopy tour location features 9 platforms, 6 traverse cables, with one spanning over 300 feet (100 meters), and a 65 foot (21 meter) high observation bridge at the edge of a picturesque river bend.

Tel: (506) 2231-5806

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Senderos Aéreos Del Tortuguero:

Located: 5 minutes from the main entrance of Tortuguero National Park, in the north coast, Tortuguero, Limón.

Description: We are the hosts of the first Canopy located in the exuberant zone of Tortuguero a few minutes of the National Park Tortuguero, come with us and enjoy an incredible adventure trough the canopy of the trees in the middle of the forest from a different perspective. Our Canopy allows you and all the members of your family to go from tree to tree in a safety way and entertainment at the same time, through a cable at the top of the rainy tropical forest. The Tour lasts approximately one hour and half, our equipment are safe and certified by the European Union, the manuals of security are approved by the I.C.T (Costa Rica Tourism Board) and we counted with the corresponding policies for the activity. Our infrastructure is compound of 11 platforms, 4 suspension bridges, 7 cables, 1 shot of Tarzan, and a scaling wall.

Tel: (506) 2223-6200

Brisas De La Jungla

Located: Blanco river (White river), Liverpool in Limón.

Duration: 1 ½ hours

Description: If you want an adrenaline rush then this is the tour for you! Glide through the treetops with this exhilarating adventure: 12 cables and 13 platforms stretched across the length of the rain forest. The longest cable is 270m long and you will experience heights up to 80m. Here you can enjoy the gripping thrill of the wind in your face as you soar through the rain forest witnessing some of the most spectacular views. The platforms are arranged at different heights and levels of excitement. Up to platform 5, all cables are of similar length, however after this platform, the cables become even more thrilling. Here those people who would like to give up and return to the lodge may do so. This opportunity is also offered at platform 7. For those of you who enjoy the thrill, its go, go, go, all the way to platform 13. All our tour guides are expertly trained in first aid, and carry special packs to assist them in the event of an emergency to administer the required attention. The Zip line tour begins with an orientation chat where the rules and regulations for safety and security are explained thoroughly. The orientation chat is very important and it is imperative that all advice is adhered to throughout the tour.
Bring your friends and family along to enjoy the experience with you, remember it is always better to live the experience than to hear a friend recount the excitement.

Tel: (506) 2797-1291

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Central Valley


Colinas Del Poás:

Located: 900 mts. North from Fraijanes, Sabanilla, Alajuela.

Description: The Poás Canopy Tour is the most popular adventure tour in the mountain. It follows a set of rigid quality standards and safety rules, according to international standards. With 24 platforms in the major trees, an extraordinary trail has been designed above the canopy forest. The tour, of approximately two hours, is an experience filled with excitement and joy, in which the visitor performs a journey through the treetops on fourteen cables suspended high above the jungle trails, with the help and under the supervision of highly qualified and professional personnel. This exciting adventure ends when you glide down on an impressive 1980-feet length cable. Our company has indeed the technical support of professionals and technicians, who permanently control the quality and perfect conditions and operation of the equipment, platform and cable installations.

Tel: (506) 2430-4575

Canopy Adventure San José de La Montaña

Located: in the foot hill of Barva volcano, Heredia.

Duration: 4 ½ hours.

Description: One hundred percent costarican, a family owned business, with over 1400 acres out of which 700 are primary forest, Canopy Adventure is an eco-tourism project part of a program for forest protection and sale of oxygen. The Canopy Adventure is only 30 minutes from the airport and 45 from down town San José, located in the nearest cloud forest from the central valley and at the foot the Barva Volcano. Because of the short drive to us, Canopy Adventure is a half day tour with approximate duration of 4 and half hours. We have thirteen platforms, eleven of those are constructed around gigantic oak trees, the zip lines made of galvanized stainless steel cables go from 60 to 600 feet most of them flying along the tree tops and some going on top of 60 feet tall waterfalls. During the tour you also take short walks on elevated trails that join the platforms together and you will also be passing inside the hollow trunk of an old strangulating ficus tree.

Tel: (506) 2266 0782


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Canopy Tree Top

Located: Monteverde, Puntarenas.

Description: Tree Top Canopy Tour is characterized for being a different Canopy.  It is easy.  It is within the Establo Hotel establishment which allows us to offer our clients flexible hours.  This means that practically the clients can choose whenever they wish to take the tour.  Tree Top Canopy Tour has a special design for our clients to enjoy the spectacular view it has of the Gulf just as the flora and fauna.  Tree Top Canopy Tour has also been designed with highly secured measures for our clients to feel safe and fearless of an accident.  As well as, our other main concern, we look after that the cables have the prudent velocity necessary. Our Canopy has 16 cables that extend 15mts. up to 410 mts.   Long, a tower 50mts. high with a 360 degree panoramic view, where the Gulf of Nicoya can be admired, as well as, some part of the Monteverde Rain Forest Reserve.  Within the tour, there is access to land every other 3 cables, if the client doesn’t wish to continue. There are some hanging cables just for the fun and short trails for our clients’ convenience.  The tour takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.  The Tree Top Canopy Tour is made up of 50 professional teams.  The tour provides raincoats if it rains and guides capacitated with more than 2 years of experience.  Free transportation is included within the hotel.

Tel: (506) 2645-5110

100% Aventura:

Located: Monteverde, Puntarenas.

Description: Our tour begins with a warm welcome in our facilities where our receptionist will help you fill all documents and formalities needed to practice this type of activity. Then we will head to the area where all the equipment is placed our guides will proceed to install harness and safety garments that you’ll need along the adventure passing then to the instructions area where safety talk will be taught the necessary techniques to fully enjoy this canopy experience, once there are no doubts, the guides will be proper introduced.

Tel: (506) 2645-6388

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Turrialba y Pacuare

Canopy Pacuare:

Located: Turrialba, Cartago.

Duration: 4 hours.

Description: The Costa Rica Canopy Pacuare Tour is a fun and exciting eco-adventure where you can experience Costa Rica's tropical forests and nature up close. The canopy tour includes: 12 Platforms, 6 Zip Lines, 5 Rappels, and 3 Cable Bridges

Tel: (506) 2556-9617

Pacuare Lodge / Aventuras Naturales:

Located: Turrialba, Cartago.

Duration: 2 hours.

Description: Welcome to Costa Rica’s highest Original Canopy Tour, an exclusive outing offering characteristics no other tour of this kind can match! The action begins with a safety orientation and donning of specialized equipment. You then begin an unhurried trek through tropical rainforest up to the first platform - this twenty-minute hike into the Pacuare Lodge’s private reserve will transport you into an unspoiled realm of gorgeous views and magnificent scenery. The area surrounding our eco lodge is a haven for bird watchers and nature seekers, and offers an unprecedented glimpse of Costa Rica’s biological diversity. Before exploring the canopy’s delicate environment you will receive a thorough review and demonstration of all safety guidelines. This is an experience as no other! You will face the exotic beauty of the rainforest head on, feeling the adrenaline of dramatic views, rappelling down towering trees and sliding along cables from tree to tree as you descend the jungle cloaked mountain toward the Pacuare Lodge for a final thrilling rappel that leaves you just steps away from our main lodge! You will experience this excitement secure in the knowledge that you are safely anchored with a safety harness, providing a unique experience that no other tour of this type offers.

Tel: (506) 2225-3939

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